Sparkling Manta Ray Bead

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Sterling silver manta ray bead with cubic zirconia crystals

A combination of beauty & BRAINS - Manta rays have the largest brains of all fish species studied - with the portions of the brain responsible for cognition and visual recognition being the largest and most highly developed.
In the water these charismatic creatures make some of the best swimming buddies - curious and playful by nature, manta rays will come up close to 'check you out' and appear to go out of their way to interact with divers and nearby snorkelers. They acknowledge our presence and approach with inquisition, matching movements with reactions, and will leave any on-looker completely in awe of their grace, style, and seeming intelligence.

You can wear the manta ray bead on a silver or leather bracelet as a charm or on a necklace as a pendant

Materials: 925 Sterling silver, Cubic zirconia crystals

Weight: 3.8 g

Size: 15.0x17.0 mm, hole size - 4.5 mm

Sparkling matna ray bead with its dazzling array of 58 cubic zirconia crystals will be a great gift for anyone who is fond of manta rays: snorkelers, scuba divers, freedivers, marine biologists, children and adults alike!


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