Oceanic Manta Ray Bead

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Sterling silver oceanic manta ray bead with enamel

Manta rays are cartilaginous elasmobranch fish. As the name suggests they have a skeleton composed of cartilage making them very flexible and lightweight in the water column. Furthermore, the skin of a manta ray is comprised of tightly packed dermal denticals which aid in hydrodynamics. Manta rays can often be seen gliding through the water with ease and agility making any encounter with these graceful creatures a memorable one.

You can wear the manta ray bead on a silver or leather bracelet or on a necklace.

Materials: 925 Sterling silver, Enamel

Weight: 3.8 g

Size: 15.0x17.0 mm, hole size - 4.5 mm

Black and streamlined, Giant Oceanic Manta Ray bead will be a great gift not only for anyone, who is fond of manta rays: snorkelers, scuba divers, freedivers, marine biologists, but also for yachtmasters, boat captains and sailors!


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